Small Group Study

Leading a small group is one of the most spiritually impacting tasks you can do as a member of the Body of Christ. Not only does it have the potential to change the lives of the people in your group, it also has the potential to change yours. As you accept responsibility for helping to facilitate the spiritual growth of others, you grow closer to God and learn to depend on Him. Out of your own growth, you will be better able to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can help others to grow.

Leaders can choose to follow an 8-week plan or 12-week plan when leading a small group through Home Run.

Your goal is to help group members understand God’s pattern for living, recognize how they have been doing life, and make adjustments to better conform to God’s design.

What’s freely available to download:

  • 8-week curriculum
  • 12-week curriculum 
  • Leader Training Videos