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Home Run Life: Five-Week Teaching Series

Week 1 – What makes for a Home Run Life Dream? What can we learn from Joseph’s Life Dream? What is the pattern? How do you run the bases of life? Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 , Genesis 37-50

Week 2 – First Base: In the Vine, is the power to win within. When I drift from the vine, I drift into vice.  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

Week 3 – Second Base: Figure out what counts on the last day, so that you know what to count every day.  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2, Ephesians 5

Week 4 – Third Base: My Purpose is into Creator, not my Career! So I live & work for my creator first!  Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 

Week 5 – Home: When & Why I’m Convinced, Compelled, and Committed to running the bases backwards.Scripture: Romans 12:1-2 II Corinthians 5 

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